Our Process & Values

At AmerTrans, we are often asked, “Why should we chose you as a provider?” The quite simple response is that “We actually care and want to help you be successful.”  The key to our success has been built upon the quality of the relationships within our company, our customers, and our supply chain. We provide industry leading customer service, willingness to explain and listen, and the ability to overcome diverse challenges to deliver ideal results in any situation. Our supreme customer service is the product of our company’s organizational culture as we are people, team, detail, and outcome oriented. We will always do what it takes to ensure nothing is missed while assembling your projects and individual deliveries. 

Our Methodology

  • In depth scoping – partnership driven approach
  • Diagnostic – multiple paths to same outcome
  • Understand client, problem, desired outcomes
  • Clear & shared understanding re. objectives
  • Transparency & Communication
  • Accountability
  • Cost control
  • Vendor agnostic – source and manage best vendors for your job – no financial incentives to push you to specific carriers or solution types
  • Flexible – scales with you, only what you need
  • Simplify the complexity for you – one point of contact, answerable to you, knows what’s going on, stays ahead of problems
  • Ongoing process to find optimization opportunities – solutions get progressively better over time
  • Execution first – deliverables and timelines are binary – either hit it or you don’t. How we respond to problems is what sets us apart
  • Network, experience, and relationships to bring in subject matter experts specific to your needs – half the battle is finding the right partners and getting/keeping them all aligned – they answer to us, we answer to you.

Our Values

The commitment to our values from our logistics coordinators to our CEO is the focal point when working with our clients. These values empower our team to make the decisions necessary to keep your projects flowing.

  • Performance: commitment, responsibility, financial, quality.
  • People: respect, diversity, pride, informed.
  • Process: information, technology, teamwork, trust, collaborative goal setting, recognition, resources committed.