Transportation – Cotton Bowl




Transportation, Final Mile, Local Storage


Goodyear is the sponsoring partner of the Cotton Bowl, an annual football event, and partners with an artist in CA to create college mascots for the teams participating in the Cotton Bowl. We were enlisted to create a full move plan for the pieces from the artist to Dallas, TX where the Cotton Bowl is hosted. We needed to move them to numerous sponsored events and finally to the big game.  After the game, we were required to prepare the mascots for final shipment to the schools of each college playing in the game. 


Timing was everything. We needed to create a seamless move from the artist to the venues without damaging the statues.  These are one-of-a-kind creations, with a lot of press, and no time to create a new one.  It would require clear messaging, specialty equipment, labor, and many moves throughout the week of the event. When we accepted this job, we knew it required a flawless move.


Our team was up for the challenge and knew we could execute with excellence.  We engaged our best crews in CA and TX to package, transport, and deliver the mascots everywhere they needed to go.  We created a milestone document to illustrate each task and handoff required to meet the very tight timelines.  We had our parent company, Nelson Westerberg, located in Carrollton, TX, perform site surveys of each location the mascots would move to over the course of the week. We hired a crating company to meet at the artist’s home in CA to begin the process for transport.  We created a move plan for the local TX team to follow for each event, including a plan for moving through each location to ensure there was no damage to the location’s floor or walls.  We ensured they had specialty equipment to move it across multiple areas, including tile, concrete, and grass. We developed and maintained strong communication amongst all stakeholders.


The move was flawless, with no interruptions to our plan.  All events went as scheduled at all venues and the mascot was where it needed to be over the weeklong event.  Our client was very happy with our planning, communication, and most importantly, the execution.  A critical job well done!  If you are interested in seeing a little more about how this all worked out, check out the video from the first Cotton Bowl event we supported in January of 2017.