Reliable & Straightforward Transloading Services

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What Is Transloading?

The meaning of transloading is moving a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. This logistical process has some moving pieces, that may include moving shipments to multiple locations and reorganizing items per customer request.

That process is also known as reconsolidating or deconsolidating, depending on whether you are breaking down pallets into smaller shipments, or putting items together on new pallets for their next mode of shipment.

It primarily refers to transferring shipments, deconsolidating, and reconsolidating them between different modes of transportation. For example, the happens when shipments would be moved from a container ship to a rail car or flat car on a train and then loaded onto trucks for final delivery.

What Are Deconsolidation And Reconsolidation?

These are two essential processes that happen during transloading. Once a shipment arrives at a warehouse, workers will follow instructions to deconsolidate a larger unit of freight into smaller ones. They may then reconsolidate these smaller units of freight into a larger one. For example, they may deconsolidate a pallet that is all the same item, and then reconsolidate it into pallets of different items that are all going to the same location on a truck.

Sometimes, deconsolidation also involves the storage of the smaller freight units until they are ready for shipment.

Does AmerTrans Provide Freight Storage?

Yes, part of the transloading process is the ability to store items until they are needed. So, freight storage is included as an additional optional for these important services.

What Is the Difference Between Transloading and Cross-docking?

The two services are similar processes. However, cross-docking occurs only between truck loads. With cross-docking, truckloads are unloaded at a distribution center and reorganized for more efficient transportation.

However, transloading occurs between multiple modes of transportation. Transloading also includes the palletization of items for shipment.

What is Included in Transloading Service?

Each transloading project is unique. We will develop a customized solution for your business that may include any of the following services:

  • Destuffing the shipping container
  • Counting inventory on pallets
  • Receive and validate inventory to shipping manifest
  • Report discrepancies (overages and shortages) by SKU
  • Container-to-pallet services per your request

What Are the Benefits of Transloading?

If transloading is not available, shipments can be less efficient. For example, a shipping container may have to wait longer for drayage to a cross-docking facility and/or sit at the port or in a warehouse yard. This can incur hefty fees that range anywhere from $50-100 per day.

Plus, each delay has a ripple effect on the remainder of the supply chain waiting to distribute the product to their customers. This service keeps things moving and gets your deliveries to its final destination or the customer in a timely manner.

Transloading Costs

Transloading fees are highly variable and depend on the specific details of your shipment.  Pricing variables include but are not limited to the labor needed to deconsolidate the shipment, to re-palletize per your specifications, and to move it to the next leg of its journey to the final destination. Be sure to carefully read the entire scope of work from the partner you choose.

Some partners may not disclose all possible charges you could incur, leaving their invoices open to out of scope work and additional charges to you. We will work with you to quote a transloading plan that is cost effective and fits you and your budget. We will also supply you with the costs for additional fees that could develop during a transload so that all possible charges are transparent and disclosed up front.

Overall, this service is considered by experts to lower the costs of moving freight because it makes it more efficient and gives shippers access to rail, truck, and other types of transportation from a shipping container.

Are There Transloading Facilities Near Me?

One of the benefits of working with AmerTrans is that we have established relationships near all the ports, and can provide these services at a global logistics level. We can take the work off your team and partner with you to develop the most convenient transloading warehouses and facilities for all your supply chain needs. Most of these facilities or warehouses are near ports like Long Beach, where container ships unload ocean freight. The containers are then drayed to the supporting facility to begin the process.

How to Get Started?

Our agile teams are waiting to help you solve your transloading and supply chain challenges. We love coming up with unique and customized solutions. Give us a call to get a free quote customized to your needs. If we do not have the right solution for you, we’ll point you in the direction of someone who does!