Final Mile

Super fast delivery of package service with a fast moving van on cityscape

What is Final Mile Delivery?

Also called last mile, this is the last leg of a shipment’s journey. It usually takes place from a warehouse or distribution center to the customer’s door. The end receiver can be an individual consumer, a retail business, or another type of business.

The idea of the “last mile” is also important in other fields like urban planning, telecommunications, and public transportation. In logistics, this custom service often represents the bulk of the cost of the total delivery. So, efficiency and supply chain planning are important in this type of customer service.

What is a Final Mile Carrier?

This is the company or person who actually delivers the product in the segment of final mile shipping. It can be the regular postal service, a courier, or any number of delivery specialists like the ones we partner with at AmerTrans Logistics.

We offer final mile delivery tracking to make this process easier. We have the connections needed to make it all happen. We offer delivery solutions in your market with partnerships in all major markets in the US and Canada, helping you to expand your reach.

What We Offer:

Using our delivery trucks we can schedule your delivery appointments based on your specific criteria at your designated location. We ensure that the delivery is received based on your project needs and supply you with proof of delivery.

We also offer the option to store/warehouse your goods or cross dock your freight until it is time to deliver the product.  We can deliver all at once, or we can deliver based on your schedule and only deliver the product you need for that day.

We know that customers want last mile deliveries to be precise, secure, and convenient. That’s why we offer efficient solutions and use technology to make the process more cost effective and easily trackable. Using analytics we constantly review our plans and processes to improve them, saving you time and money, and making your business’ deliveries more successful.