Supply Chain Management

View of a Logistic organisation on a warehouse background 3d rendering

What is Supply Chain Management?

This is the management of all processes that go into making a product or a service. It starts with the raw materials and ends with the finished product. Now, we also have reverse logistics as part of the process. This is when your assets get put back into the supply chain for reuse or recycling.

There are 5 parts to a supply chain:

  • The plan
  • The sourcing of raw materials or services offered
  • Manufacturing the products
  • Delivering the products
  • Returns & reverse logistics

Why is Supply Chain Management important?

Supply chain operations management is important because having an efficient and cost-effective supply chain affects a business’s bottom line. Our goal in providing assistance with supply chain solutions is to help your business meet deadlines efficiently. 

A well-managed supply chain helps your product get into the hands of your end users more quickly. It also cuts costs to give your business the most profits possible.

It also includes supply chain risk management. We can help you to identify any risk in your supply chain, and come up with a plan to mitigate that risk. Part of the supply chain management definition is to constantly evaluate and benchmark the processes involved to identify points of improvement and potential risks.

How We Can Help With Operations and Supply Chain Management

Our goals are to collaborate with you to figure out your needs. We can help to evaluate where you can save time and money in your supply chain, or we can help you come up with a plan from scratch. We always execute what we say we will.

The system we offer gives you full transparency and visibility. You can view real-time transportation and warehouse information – including inventory data – through our cloud based portal. This improves inventory visibility and gives you peace of mind. 

Our services can help your business save time and money. We are constantly evaluating our processes and plans and improving. We do all this while meeting deadlines, budgets, and our clients’ expectations.

Global Partners

We go the extra mile to ensure your products and materials arrive where they need to be intact. That is why we only work with the most trusted partners that:

  • Give regular drug & alcohol tests to team members
  • Use only qualified drivers
  • Perform regular safety audits
  • Follow requirements for hours of service
  • Have an active FMSCA compliance rating
  • Have a BOC 3 filing with the FMSCA
  • Have proper insurance certification with AmerTrans Logistics listed as the holder
  • Have a surety bond of $75,000
  • Take proper warehouse security measures
  • Have sufficient emergency action plans

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