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Every customer is a priority to us here at AmerTrans. Our detail oriented teams are available to support you before, during, or after normal business hours. No shipment is too complex for us to provide you a solution, no matter the size. Using a transportation management system, a digital platform that allows us to optimize every aspect of our partnership, we offer the following logistics services to our clients:

Full Truckload Shipments (FTL)

FTL shipping utilizes the full 53’ trailer, loaded generally with 26 pallets and is provided by one carrier with no stops along the way. It provides the quickest shipping from point A to point B. FTL also reduces the potential of freight damages that occur when shipping LTL and freight moves across many consolidation facilities. Reserve an entire truck for your business, whether or not you fill the whole thing. FTL shipments are sometimes best for expedited shipments because you don’t have to coordinate with other shippers.

Less Than Full Truckload Shipments (LTL)

Shipping LTL is a more cost-effective way to ship when you are shipping smaller loads. It allows you to share the cost of the trailer with other shippers. Regardless of which type of shipping you choose, our TMS will help track your cargo.

Straight Truck Transport

Have something smaller to transport? Try a cargo van. We offer 16 ft, 24 ft, and 26 ft options. These are perfect for final mile deliveries and small shipments. You can even add a lift-gate if your receiving facility does not have a loading dock.

Local Transportation

Local transportation is generally defined as less than 50 miles. We can work with you on these shorter hauls and provide you the same level of services as larger loads.

Local and National Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

We provide warehousing and distribution solutions on a local and national level. We can receive your product directly from your supplier’s floor loaded or palletized. We will inventory your product to your specifications, and pick, pack, and ship based on your requirements. Our warehouse teams are experts who oversee the entire flow of your product; in, though, and out of our facilities. Also see everything about freight & freight forwarding.

International Transport and Overseas

Our transportation management service experts are knowledgeable about customs compliance, sea container shipping, international air freight, and more.

Rail and Intermodal

Anything that can be shipped in a shipping container can also be shipped by rail. This is a great way to get ground shipping for a lower rate than just trucking. With modern technology, it takes only a few minutes to get a shipping container from a truck onto a train.

Final Mile

Whether you need “ring and run” delivery for end users, or white glove service with planned deliveries. We can help provide that final mile solution you need.

Expedited and Time Restricted Moves

We always meet deadlines and set realistic goals for transportation times. We have multiple options available to meet your time and budget needs.

Temperature Controlled

Some items need strict temperature control, like perishable items. We can provide temperature-controlled transportation and storage to ensure your products end up where you need them as you expect them. This may also be important for medical transportation management.

Dedicated Long Haul Over 500 miles

This type of service means establishing a dedicated route. A trucker regularly picks up items at one location and delivers them to another on a regular basis. We can help your business establish a dedicated route for regular long-haul shipments. Long haul usually means that a trucker must spend at least one night away from home.

Dedicated Short Haul

Short hauls are usually under 500 miles and truckers do them in just one day. Similar to a dedicated long-haul route, a dedicated short haul route is one that happens regularly. It is over a shorter distance than a long haul one.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics allows you to repurpose your existing assets. We can pick it up at your facility, package it for shipping and deliver it to your destination This is better for the environment and your budget.

This transport and logistics management concept allows you to capitalize on all your resources. It’s better for the environment, and better for your budget. Recycle materials and repair damaged items to get more raw materials to use for your end products and services.

Team Hauling

This is one of the most popular transportation solutions for expedited shipments. Two drivers share the job so the truck does not have to stop for any significant amount of time. While one driver rests, the other can take the wheel.