Local Storage

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What Are Storage Units?

Local storage facilities provide warehousing and storage. Whether you need full warehousing with a warehouse management system for SKU specific reporting, or storage of bulk pallets or loose materials, we can help with your logistics services requirement. The benefits of this type of storage are that you can store your products and freight closer to your final destination and utilize our final mile providers to deliver your products to your sites or send your installation companies in for pickup.

Local moving and storage companies can provide climate controlled spaces for products. Often, certain types of food or specialty items need to be kept at a certain temperature. We can also provide top notch security in local moving and storage with security cameras, alarms, and 24/7 monitoring if needed. 

Benefits of Storage Units

Local self storage allows you to access your items at your leisure. Some storage facilities have specific hours of availability, but others are open 24/7 to allow you to get to your products whenever you need them. You can fill and empty your space as needed. To find top options, check local self storage reviews. 

Local storage can be a big part of your warehousing and distribution plan. You can strategically place your products in key locations to make delivery even easier. Freight and products are not the only things you can use warehousing for. You can also store other business supplies like seasonal items, displays and shelving, and items specific to certain events.

Easy To Use Warehouse Management System 

Our WMS includes real time updates and access to specific information on items, pallets, and locations. It integrates with many third party e-commerce platforms to give you a seamless experience. It also assists with inventory management, giving you physical inventory counts and assisting with an automated picking process. Regardless of the scope of your project, this system offers you access to a customer portal with powerful analytics. It works well for projects of any size and time duration.

Contact one of our specialists to learn more about options for local storage companies that we partner with.