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Final Mile


We needed to coordinate the transportation and labor to transfer our client’s fixed and portable assets, which varied in size and handling requirements from an existing warehouse to a new warehouse. We used both full 53’ trailers and straight trucks with lift gates. 


As with most projects, the timeline for this relocation was in flux until a few days prior to the move. The most challenging part was that the move was taking place over a holiday weekend. This would give the client more time to get their operations back up for Tuesday morning and would have less of an impact on their manufacturing timelines. Due to the holiday weekend, coordinating the availability of our labor teams was a challenge. The COVID pandemic made the job even more complex. Our pricing had already been established and approved, so it was up to us to execute as planned and priced.


We were able to secure the required labor for the customer. As with many projects using temporary labor, we decided it was necessary to put a project manager on site.  This ended up being a great solution because our PM was able to get the temporary workers aligned and working to complete the preparation and movement of the equipment. We decided to run two empty trailers with one power unit, as well as a box truck with a lift-gate to allow us to load at one warehouse and offload at the other. Using these solutions we didn’t lose any time on either side of the delivery. We handled this move as efficiently as possible.


The face of the project changed repeatedly as did the directives for the carrier and labor. Timing for the moves changed, but we were able to quickly adjust with our labor partner. The team remained flexible and went back to the drawing board every time something changed, no matter how small the change. With the two trailers and box truck, the team was able to continue working throughout the entire move without delay. We were able to accommodate all the requested changes with our dynamic tools, “can do” attitude, and dedication. The project beat the timeline expectations, and the client was able to have operations running smoothly on Tuesday morning.

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