Transloading Service – Multiple Clients

cargo and shipping containers at port




Transloading, Transportation, Storage


We needed to assist retailers with moving shipping containers from the port to the final location for distribution. During the past 2 years, due to multiple factors, ports have become congested. Container ships can get stuck, delaying shipments. We needed to create a documented plan to help our clients avoid excess per diem fees for having shipping containers sitting in the port for long periods of time. Our plan also needed to reduce the impact on end customers by keeping the supply chain flowing.


Our approach to this problem has three parts:

  • We contracted with a local storage yard to allow us to store containers there until they were ready to unload. This allowed us to reduce the delays.
  • One of our trusted partners would then pull the needed container from the storage yard and transload the containers onto pallets. They would then label the pallets properly so customers can correctly identify them and their contents at the distribution center. Finally, they staged the pallets for pick up.
  • Finally, we contracted with full truckload carriers to bring the pallets from our facility to our retail customers’ distribution centers.

Our solution reduced delays and kept our customer’s shelves more stocked during this challenging time.


Our customers could focus on the flow of containers and determine where they needed them to be shipped, versus worrying about delays and port fees. Several of our valued clients had the same issue. So we built this plan, tried it, and executed it, creating a documented process we can easily use with any client.