Value Chain Sourcing

Value Chain Vs. Supply Chain

The value chain is the process of adding value to materials through the supply chain. As an example, products start out as raw materials. These materials must be transported to manufacturing points. Then, finished products are stored in warehouses before being shipped to their final destinations for final mile delivery. What started out as raw materials now have added value.

The supply chain includes the value chain but also includes other aspects of logistics like customer services, distribution, and finances.

The two concepts are similar but look at the same processes from a different perspective.

The Importance of Good Management

An efficient value chain means efficient and cost-effective business processes. Analysis helps us to find competitive opportunities to add value. With proper planning, we improve trust between you, your vendors, and your customers. 

Creating value along the supply chain improves the sustainability of your business in many ways. It decreases costs and increases profits. It can also help to improve quality, delivery times, and other key performance indicators that are a show of success. 

AmerTrans and Your Value Chain Activities

How do we overcome the challenges of analysis and management? Our cloud based customer portal allows us to collaboratively view your important metrics to find opportunities for improvement. We use the data that is important to you. We take the extra few minutes to learn about your goals, to make sure we know how to meet your expectations.

A global value chain consists of everything that goes into your final product. This includes sustainability, cost, quality, technology, delivery, service, and financial management. We can work with you to improve processes relating to inbound and outbound logistics, operations, marketing and sales, and service, increasing the value in your supply chain.