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What is Warehouse Logistics? Challenges and Agile Solutions

A modern warehouse interior with shelves stacked high with pallets loaded with product.

What Warehouses Do Warehousing is the process of storing inventory for distribution. All kinds of businesses rely on warehousing to keep their inventory safe. But, warehouses are not just for storage.

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Storage and Delivery: The Right Logistics Support

An employee consults a tablet while looking out into a full warehouse stocked with inventory.

Global Supply Chain Stressors 2022 brought continued disruptions to logistics worldwide. Rising interest rates, inflation, and the war in Ukraine all continued to provide challenges to business owners around the world.

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Supply Chain Consulting Services: Reverse Logistics Planning

Two people in suits sit at a table facing each other. The table is covered in spread sheets and other business documents.

Cost-Effective, Efficient Solutions At AmerTrans, we know that a strong supply chain isn’t just about maintaining pick-up and delivery schedules. Yes, those things are essential to your bottom line. But, to keep your costs down and your systems running smoothly, you need more.

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2022 Holiday Message: We Are Grateful for You

A blue graphic with the words 'thank you' in capital letters in a quote bubble in the middle of the page in white

One Tough Year As we reflect on 2022, one thought comes to mind: we made it! While it looks like Covid is in the rearview mirror, we’re still dealing with its effects in major ways. Disruptions to the supply chain continue to throw up roadblocks to businesses around the world.

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Diesel Fuel Cost and Forecast for 2023

A close up of a gas pump with three fuel options, the closest option reads "Diesel"

Powered by Diesel Diesel fuel truly makes the world go round. From heating homes to powering trucks, trains, buses, and ships, diesel does it all. With diesel costs high and winter just beginning, many people are wondering if they will have enough fuel to heat their homes and run their businesses.

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Potential Rail Strike Threatens U.S. Economy, Holiday Retail

A crowded freight rail yard with train cars getting prepared for transport

America Runs on Freight Rail According to the Federal Railroad Administration, freight rail moves approximately 28% of the total freight in the US. The reason why is simple. The American railroad system is designed to transport heavy freight across long distances effectively. Common freight rail shipments include coal, corn, lumber, automobiles, and the ethanol used […]

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Top Issues Impacting Trucking 2022

A red, modern semi-truck trailer parked at a loading dock to receive a shipment

Industry Challenges According to a study published by the American Transportation Research Institute, the top challenges for the trucking industry in 2022 are fuel prices and driver shortages. Other problems cited in this same study were delay at customer facilities, driver retention, safety, and compliance.

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Supply Chain Strain: Warehousing and Distribution Challenges

Large factory or warehouse with workers monitoring goods stacked on shelves from floor to ceiling.

One of Many Supply Chain Issues From fuel increases and rising transport costs to continued “Covid congestion” at ports affecting the global supply chains, companies are still struggling to get their shipments delivered on time. Even more frustrating is having your shipment arrive only to scramble to find warehousing and distribution solutions to maintain your […]

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GNFR / FF&E Explained – It’s Time For A Change

Blurred fixtures and lighting background

FF&E Meaning & History for GNFR A little history lesson for all the new supply chain folks, and a touch into the past for the old timers.  Early in my career, when I was in procurement, we purchased items and had things on the shelf to ensure we could support our needs.

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How the Rise of Fuel Surcharge Rates Impacts Logistics and Freight Shipping

masked man at gas pump

Did you know that gas costs almost 60% more now than it did last year? As the trucking industry rebounds during record-breaking fuel price hikes, fuel surcharges are on the rise too. If you are a tactical or strategic level manager, it is important that you understand the relationship between fuel surcharge rates and your logistics operation.

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Navigating the Storm of Rising Transport Costs

fuel pump with graph increasing overlay

Managing Increases in Transportation Costs Several months have passed since my last blog posting, however, the costs to transport materials throughout the U.S. is not seeing much change.  What is contributing to the increased cost to move your product are complex. To name a few are the increased cost for fuel, the increased cost in […]

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What is LTL Freight?

fleet of semi trucks under blue sky

If you run a business that ships all over, it’s important to understand your options.

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The Last Guide to Logistics Transportation You’ll Ever Need

woman in hard hat on radio in front of cargo

Did you know that competition is one of the biggest challenges to logistics business growth?

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Fuel Surcharge Calculator from AmerTrans: Lean and Agile Logistics

calculator next to car keys and car on paper

The AmerTrans Fuel Surcharge Calculator The dollars per gallon of fuel are, at the time of writing, on average over $5 and rising. Because of this, many companies are looking at fuel surcharges when transporting goods. To do this, they need a fuel surcharge calculator that is both lean and adaptable to ever-changing circumstances.

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Transport Logistics: What’s the Difference Between Transport and Logistics?

transportation methods on map

Did you know that over $280 billion worth of goods gets imported into the United States every month?

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The ABCs of Import Logistics

forklist loading container from truck

Import and Export in Logistics As much as people praise American-made goods and bemoan imported ones, they would be surprised to find out just how much comes from outside the country. In 2019, capital goods held the most value of goods imported at over $678 billion. Consumer goods were below that, valued at $654 billion.

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A Guide to Inbound and Outbound Logistics Processes

logistics operation with trucks and transportation concept

What Are Inbound and Outbound Logistics? The global logistics market is enormous. In fact, by 2027 it’s projected to amount to a whopping $11,367 million.

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What Does Operational Efficiency Mean in Warehousing?

Male worker wearing hardhat in warehouse with tablet

What Does Operational Efficiency Mean for a Warehouse? Warehouse workers often get mixed representation in the media. In real life, they struggle to meet the deadlines placed on them by big brand companies.

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Supply Chain and Logistics Challenges for 2022

Warehouse Manager giving direction

The transportation and warehousing industry makes up more than $1 trillion as an industry. No matter what segment of the business you’re in, you need to understand what challenges you’ll face this year and beyond.

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The Difference Between Cross Dock Services and Transloading Services

cross docking and transloading facility at dusk

Cross-docking vs. Transloading: How Do They Differ? COVID-19 has affected every industry and it’s causing many to rethink their supply chain management. McKinsey recently surveyed senior supply-chain executives.  Of them, 93% indicated that they’re trying to make their supply chains more resilient and agile.

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What Is Cross Docking?

Warehouse with cross docking stations

Understanding the Meaning of Cross-Docking One of the costliest offenders when running a successful business is the supply chain. Keeping costs low, but the speed and productivity up is key for growth for organizations.

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What’s the Difference Between Warehousing and Distribution?

warehouse interior with stacked storage items

The term supply chain has become its own sort of buzzword within the zeitgeist of the past few months, most notably because disruptions to the supply chain have been felt both here and abroad.

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Why You Need To Use a Warehouse Management System

Smart logistic industry 4.0 , QR Codes Asset warehouse and inventory management supply chain technology concept. Group of boxes in storehouse can check product inside and order pick time.

What is a WMS Warehouse Management System? How Technology Can Help With Warehouse Management What does WMS mean? A WMS is a warehouse management system that helps with supply chain management. The best warehouse management software gives everyone a transparent look at exactly what is happening within the warehouse. This software not only records but […]

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Your Guide to Supply Chain Efficiency

Fishing port and communication network concept. Smart fishery.

The Definition of Efficient Supply Chain Supply Chain Processes & Improving Supply Chain Performance Your supply chain is the key to your business. An efficient supply chain helps everything move along smoothly. Your supply chain accounts for all activities involved in manufacturing, transporting, storing, and even accepting returns of your product. Even if you’ve already […]

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What Is Freight Delivery & Shipping Meaning?

Container ship loading and unloading in sea port, Aerial view of business logistic import and export freight transportation by container ship in harbor, Container loading Cargo freight ship, Dubai.

Freight Shipping Meaning How to Ship Freight What is freight shipping? It means shipping large shipments, usually from one business to another. Freight classification does not include the packages that come to your house from your online shopping orders. It means transporting goods in bulk by rail, container ship, truck, and airplane.

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The Differences Between 3PL & 4PL Companies

Cargo freight truck. Shipment, Delivery service. Logistics and transportation. Warehouse dock load pallet goods into shipping container truck. Stacked package boxes on pallet inside a truck.

3PL Meaning & 4PL Meaning What Does 3PL Mean: 3PL Definition How would you define 3PL companies? Many people have some idea of what they are, but find it hard to put it into words.

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The Benefits of an Optimized Reverse Logistics Process

Outside of Logistics Distributions Warehouse With Inventory Manager Using Tablet Computer, talking to Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes. Online Orders, Purchases, E-Commerce Goods

How to Use Reverse Logistics to Improve Your Business What Is Reverse Logistics? Reverse logistics represents any process in your supply chain that allows you to reuse, recycle, and reclaim materials or products. Reverse logistics companies help with various elements of supply chain management like customer return rates, reclaiming unused raw materials for a new […]

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What is Freight Forwarding: A Comprehensive Guide

Foreman control loading Containers box from Cargo freight ship for import export, foreman control Industrial Container Cargo freight ship

Is There a Difference Between Freight Forwarding and Logistics? What Is Freight Forwarding? Freight Forwarder Definition Freight forwarding companies provide services to help get your shipment to its final destination. They are a “middleman” who works with several different logistics partners to find the right companies to ship your products for each leg of the […]

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The Specifics Of Retail Logistics: What Makes it Different?

Reading a barcode from a cardboard box. Inventory of the warehouse. Recalculating the product in the warehouse. The work of the storekeeper.

What’s Unique About Logistics In the Retail Industry? Managing Retailing, Wholesaling, and Logistics Even though brick-and-mortar retail sales might be slower due to the pandemic and the rise of the internet, retail logistics are still important. One of the reasons for that is this topic includes e-retail logistics – supply chain solutions for online shoppers. […]

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Project Rollout: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Execute It

close up. a group of employees discussing the distribution infrastructure. photo with a copy-space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

The Most Important Part of Project Logistics? Defining Roll Out What is project rollout? It is the beginning of any logistical project whether it is a retail display refresh, the start of a new display marketing campaign, or the launch of a new product. The rollout period is critical to the success of the project. […]

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What is a Single Source Logistics Company? Advantages and How to Book

Robotic arm for packing with producing and maintaining logistics systems using Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV),3d rendering

Efficient, Convenient & Transparent Sourcing Logistics Definition Before we define a single source logistics company, we must define what sourcing means in the logistics field. Basically, sourcing is the process of finding all of your product and service suppliers.  So, when you are in the sourcing process of your supply chain, you will try to […]

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Weight Volume Calculator: What Does This Logistics Term Actually Mean?

accountant working on desk using calculator for calculate finance report in office

How to Calculate Shipping Volume Weight Free Tool to Make Calculations Easier A volume to weight calculator helps you to figure out not only how much your shipment will weigh, but also how much space it will take up in a shipping container. This allows you to know how many containers you will need, and […]

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What Are Recovery Logistics?

Aerial POV view Depiction of flooding. devastation wrought after massive natural disasters at Bekasi - Indonesia

Business Continuity After a Disaster Disaster Recovery Operations Anytime your business is affected by a disaster, you will lose revenue. Recovery logistics help you get back on your feet more quickly. What might require specialized recovery logistics services?

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Logistics Teams Jobs

Engineer and Foreman control loading container at commercial dock cargo freight shipping, Teamwork inspecting container shipment warehouse import export global business, Cooperation team worker day.

Thinking of Getting Into Logistics? Keep Reading! What Does a Logistics Team Member Do?

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What Is a Shipment Contract?

Legal contract signing - buy sell real estate contract

Sealing the Deal All About Contracts for Shipping When you work with a logistics company, you should always make sure to have an iron-clad shipment contract or destination contract. This protects you by spelling out what the carrier will do, and states who will take financial responsibility for any product lost or damaged during different […]

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What Are Life Science Logistics?

Corona Virus concept, Blue Delivery handsome asian man holding parcel cardboard box and thumbs up with protection mask and medical rubber gloves standing in front of the van

Solving Life Sciences Logistics Challenges Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain Services Life science logistics usually refers to logistics in the medical industry. Medical devices, prescription drugs, and materials for clinical trials require specialized care. They often also require temperature-controlled services, also called cold-chained logistics. This industry has special needs, due to the importance of the products in […]

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All About Freight Forwarders Near Me


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What Is Expedited Shipping?

container ship sailing in green sea and tugboat drag shipping to seaport at leam chabang Chonburi Thailand aerial view from drone

Answer: Expedited shipping is a delivery method that provides faster than the usual options and varies in time depending on the carrier.

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The Importance Of Integrated Logistics Technology

Smart technology concept with global logistics partnership Industrial Container Cargo freight ship, internet of things Concept of fast or instant shipping, Online goods orders worldwide

What Are Integrated Logistics Services With Technology? TYPES OF PLATFORMS When it comes to logistics the first thing that may come to your mind is trucks, planes, and boats. However, there is much more technology involved in this process these days. There are several types of platforms you will need to use because it makes […]

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Logistics & Technology Trends

GUI (Graphical User Interface) concept.

Trends In Logistics And Information Technology OUR PREDICTIONS

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Benefits Of A Customer Portal

Industrial 4.0 , Augmented reality and smart logistic concept. Hand holding tablet with AR application for check order pick time around the world and supply chain in smart factory background.

Improving Customer Service In Logistics DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES SERVICES

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Innovative Sourcing In Logistics

Abstract image of Smart Engineer Foreman Business man Using data hologram to find the best result for transportation. Business technology logistic and transportation double exposure concept.

Working With An Innovative Logistics Group INNOVATION IN THE INDUSTRY

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What Are Final Mile Logistics

Portrait Of Courier With Digital Tablet Delivering Package

Getting Your Products There THE FINAL LEG OF THE JOURNEY

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Top Transportation Logistics Services

Logistics and transportation of Container Cargo ship and Cargo plane with working crane bridge in shipyard at sunrise, logistic import export and transport industry background

More Than Just Transport HOW DOES IT WORK? Transportation in logistics is more than just bringing things from one place to another. It’s all about planning things in the most efficient way possible. Logistics transportation services and the supply chain are tightly intertwined. However, it’s just one small part of it.

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All About Supply Chain Management

Industry 4.0,Augmented reality and smart logistic concept. Hand holding tablet with AR application for check order pick time in smart factory warehouse.Man use AR glasses and infographic background.

A supply chain management definition encompasses many different things. It basically includes everything that takes your products from raw materials to a finished product. It involves warehousing not only of your finished product, but also the materials used to make the product, and all the partners you work with along the way. It also encompasses all […]

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Does Your Business Need Custom Logistics?

Foreman control loading Containers box to truck for Logistic Import Export Background, Business logistic concept, import and export concept

The Benefits of Custom Logistics There is no custom logistics plan that is a “one size fits all” approach. Each business’s needs are different, and each business has different key performance indicators that are important to them. As a lean and agile logistics provider, we work with each of our clients to find the best […]

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Understanding the Meaning of Logistics Services

Logistics import export background and transport industry of Container Cargo freight ship at sunset sky

What is a Logistics Service? There are all different types of logistics services. Basically, they encompass anything that deals with getting products, materials, and other resources from one place to another. Logistics is much more than just deliveries. Simply put, a logistic service coordinates the movement people and things to enable for efficiency and smooth […]

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What Is Integrated Logistics?

integrated logistics

How Integrated Logistics Can Help At a point in recent history, logistics mostly referred to moving raw materials and finished products around the globe. However, now, integrated logistics management includes so much more than that. It connects with all departments involved in producing a product, and is geared towards improving both time and budget efficiency […]

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Custom Global Logistics: International Plans for Global Businesses

custom global logistics plan

The Power of a Custom Logistics Plan Logistics is never a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Each client needs a customized plan to serve their needs. We are passionate about helping our customers get exactly what they need with a dedicated logistics plan that serves their needs. 

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Supply Chain and Logistics Technology: The Future of Logistics

supply chain and logistics technolgy

What technology is used in supply chain management? Our customer portal is a great example. It includes a Transportation Management System (TMS,) a Warehouse Management System (WMS,) and more. It allows you to have access to real time data about your inventory and shipments. If you want full transparency, embracing technology when it comes to […]

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Types of Logistics Services Defined

People in a warehouse

Logistics Options Logistics is more than just transporting items from one location to another. There are many more processes involved. The following items are also an important part of logistics.

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What is Supply Chain Management? Everything You Want to Know

Forklift loader in storage warehouse ship yard. Distribution products. Delivery. Logistics. Transportation. Business background

Answer: Supply chain management is everything your business does to manage your supply chain most efficiently from start to finish.

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