Logistics Benchmarking

Benchmarking in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Benchmarks are standards that we set up with each client to track key performance indicators. We use real time data against benchmarks to evaluate performance and find areas of improvement. Using this data, we can continuously update our supply chain management collaboration with your business.

Examples of benchmarks in logistics and supply chain management include:

  • Costs of storage
  • Transportation times
  • Product comparison
  • Order or return processing times
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Storage density
  • Warehouse or distribution center comparisons

Measuring Performance with Benchmark Shipping & Logistics

At AmerTrans Logistics, we are not happy until our customers are happy. So, we use benchmarks that measure the performance of our supply chains with key performance indicators relating to quantity, value, and time. When we find something that works, we model those behaviors within all of our teams to spread success to all of our clients and partners.

Taking the Extra Time

We are happy to take the extra time to work with you to prepare and track important key performance indicators for benchmark logistics. These metrics are extremely important for the success of any project.

Through our experience, we have learned that most of our customers know exactly what data they need tracked for success. Amertrans will work with you to identify metrics for tracking and reporting allowing transparent communication for a partnered success.

Ask Our Repeat Customers

The reason we have so many happy clients is that we spend a great deal of time making sure our customers are happy. We use benchmarks and key performance indicators to give our customers a full view of our performance together.

Whether you need benchmark international logistics, or benchmarking for national or local projects, we will put forth the same level of attention to detail. We seek to raise the bar with every single one of our clients, no matter how large or small.