Abigail Palumbo

“With over 10 years logistics experience, I was excited to join AmerTrans as I felt right at home after my first interview. I was impressed by their operations and warehousing services they offer to top tier clients across the nation. AmerTrans has challenged me to strive for excellence and has provided me with great upward mobility in the company. I’m honored to work alongside some of the best in the industry that always acts with the utmost professionalism and care.”

Krystine Stone

“When I started my logistics career I immediately knew I made the right choice. Transportation provides me the opportunity for continued adaptability and innovation. I strive to provide superior service to all customers internal and external. There is nothing more satisfying than a happy customer.”

Rachel Besson

“The greatest ability is dependability and we provide dependable, efficient and cost-effective cross-border solutions for trans-border shipments.”

Natalie Nisivaco

Natalie has been in the global transportation industry for  35 years and with The Westerberg Companies for 31 years. Customer care and relationships are her strengths: creating and maintaining solid, trusting client relationships and building an exceptionally strong global supply chain. Her specialty is developing operational processes and efficiencies that streamline and strengthen communication, provide an outstanding customer experience, and create realistic expectations for our clients and partners. Finding solutions for mobility challenges in every corner of the globe is all in a day’s work; and is what makes every day an adventure

Denea Sims

“I’ve spent over 10 years in the household good business and made the conscious decision to move over to logistics. This transition has been very rewarding and one of the best decisions I have made in my career. I truly enjoy the different opportunities of learning the different aspects of logistics.”

Kirsten Partipilo

“Coming from one of the largest worldwide logistic companies, Amer-Trans was a breath of fresh air. Amer-Trans started out small, but has been bringing in great people to join our team. It is a company that builds their people, that in return builds the company.”

Alanna Mucciante

“Logistics was new to me when I joined the AmerTrans team but I take pride in focusing on the details and the challenge of reverse logistics.”

Michael L’Ecuyer

“Taking pride in building and sustaining customer relationships through transparency and attentiveness. I enjoy the fast pace and competitiveness that is required for Hot shipments as well as the project management that goes along with a rollout.”