Custom Services

Our process is what sets us apart. We have a full tool kit, and the real magic comes from pairing the right tools with the right jobs. Non-asset based means we are agnostic and always pick the solution best suited to solve our client’s problem. Non-asset based = freedom to truly put the client first.

When we collaborate, everything is custom tailored to your needs. To that end, we offer several services to make your custom global logistics plan work great for your business. These include:

Final Mile

This includes delivery of your products in the final mile of the process. The USPS is one example of a final mile delivery provider. However, we partner with couriers and other delivery specialists to meet your specific final mile needs.

Reverse Logistics

In custom care logistics, this is a way to make your supply chain even more efficient. It is not only budget friendly, but also eco-conscious. It may involve recycling or repurposing old products or transporting unused materials back to a different point in the supply chain.

Local Storage

Storing your products and materials close to where they need to go makes sense. Let us help you with your local storage needs.

Expedited Shipping

Sometimes you need something faster than usual. With our customized logistics service, we will work with you to make sure your shipments arrive when you need them. We have specialized solutions for when you need something to arrive more quickly.

White Glove

Some shipments require extra care. Let us put on the white gloves and give it the attention it requires. 

Debris Removal

We can haul away unusable construction, storm, or other debris and dispose of it properly.


AmerTrans understands the unique needs of the hospitality industry. Your recurring logistics shipments are based on seasonal shifts in your business and you have specific needs at different times of year. Let us help with custom services like room-in-a-box packages and inside delivery.

Another benefit to working with AmerTrans is our custom logistics software. It combines a transportation management system with a warehouse management system that can connect to many third-party e-commerce solutions. 

Whether you need export clearance services or import logistics services, we can come up with a customized solution for your business.