Customer Portal

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AmerTrans Customer Portal

Our customers love our powerful portal. It lives in the cloud, meaning you can easily access it from anywhere. We know that many of our customers do business on the go, and their teams have busy lives. With 24/7 access to real time data, you can have peace of mind with the ability to check transportation, warehouse, and inventory activity in a few simple clicks.

Customer Self Service Portal Features

Our portal provides you with everything you need to know and access to many things you need to do.

Place orders & book shipments: Users with the proper security rights can place orders or book shipments through the portal, using the inventory data found there.

Documents: Important documents like invoices, customs paperwork, and manifests are stored in the portal. You can even print them out right from our system.

Generate reports: Our shipment information portal analytics give you the option to produce informative reports so you know how well your logistics plan is going. You can also choose from standard reports for looking up specific information on receiving, on hand products, aging, and order details. 

View information: Easily see customer information like locations, addresses, and contact names. 

Set up push notifications: Define statuses for which you want to receive push notifications to your devices or your team’s devices.

Why is a Customer Portal Dashboard important?

A customer portal helps to manage transportation needs. It puts all the important information in one place and allows customers to access data, reporting, and ordering capabilities. Additionally, it helps to automate logistics technology processes and create an efficient workflow. 

Previously, custom portals for customers were primarily used to display information. However, now we can use them to make the shipment booking process even easier, as a delivery package management system, a warehouse management system, and a transportation management system.

Want to learn more about how our customer dashboard and portal can work for you? Contact us today to get started.