Final Mile – Peletonia


Peletonia, Founded in Columbus


Final Mile


For the last 5 years, AmerTrans has donated our time and talented teams to support the End-Cancer cycling fundraiser. This requires transporting hundreds of high-end racing bicycles from New York City to Columbus, OH for the fundraiser. Additionally, it required picking up rental bikes locally in Columbus from multiple locations and coordinate the delivery of each bike.


This event requires delivering them to the correct course on the right day at a specific time. Some course events occur over multiple days and have a destination different than the origin.


We perform extensive planning and coordination to match bicycles with riders.

This includes:

  • Designing transportation capacity around riders (amount of equipment) shipping from New York City
  • Determining loading and transit time required to move bikes to the destination
  • Defining what bikes go to which course over the 3-day weekend event
  • Coordinating local transportation capacity to move rental bikes to the destination
  • Reverse engineering the transportation process from six courses to local agencies or New York City


By taking on this complex logistical challenge we allow the event managers to focus on the riders to maximize the experience and to focus on the reason for the event – End Cancer. Contact us to learn more about how we can handle all your logistics service needs.