Warehousing and Distribution to Fit Your Needs

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We will work with your business to make a customized solution built for your specific needs.

Warehousing Services

Our warehouse management offerings include:

Our Cross Dock Warehouse Solution

Cross docking is a fast and efficient logistics service procedure. Instead of one truck making several stops to different locations to deliver products, goods are separated into trucks at one of our warehouses before going to the same location before delivery. This can save time and money on shipping. Because we are also flexible, we can cross dock a wide range of products.

Short Term Warehousing Services

There are many reasons why you may need a short-term warehouse for a shorter period of time including:

  • Seasonal business
  • Business expansion
  • Construction/maintenance at current location
  • Moving to a new location

Long-Term Warehousing Services

Long-term warehousing can be a great way to expand your reach. With more than 200 locations nationwide, we have a warehouse where you need it, no matter how long you need it. And our locations, including our home base in Chicago, can give you easier access to ship to markets nationwide.

Flexible Warehousing Space

Flex space, as it is commonly known, is warehouse space that can also include some office or commercial space. There are some industries, like brewing, research and development, and certain construction businesses that utilize flex space. 

Services That Go The Extra Mile:

Warehouse Management System Software

What is Warehouse Management System?

Also called a WMS, warehouse management software allows us to digitally manage everything that happens in a warehouse including:

  • Receiving inventory
  • Putting away inventory
  • Picking products, packing them, and shipping them
  • Replenishing inventory

Our warehouse management system and customer portal reflects real time data around the clock. It also gives you access to reports with powerful data. We give you the information you need so you can make informed decisions and work successfully with your clients and customers.

Of all the types of warehouse management systems, ours is extremely comprehensive. It integrates with many third party e-commerce platforms and provides in depth reporting to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.

Inventory Manifest

We provide detailed documentation of all cargo in each shipment.

Customer Accessibility for Live Inventory Visibility

Your dashboard access to our data warehouse manager gives you everything you need to know, including inventory, locations, addresses, and contacts. It also allows you to define statuses for which you want to receive email or push notifications.

Inbound & Outbound Management

Distribution management oversees everything that is coming and going from our warehouses.

Product ICN Tracking

We help you track the proper classification of your goods in our WMS.

Returns Processing

Allow your customers greater flexibility with warehousing solutions that can work with returns. We can receive returns and return them to inventory. We will work with your formal returns process or help you create one.

Rack and Stack

We will store your items on pallets either as floor loaded or racked, while they are awaiting transport or simply being stored.

Pick, Pack & Ship Order Fulfillment

From small packages to large containers, we can manage the fulfillment of orders from the warehouse. We will arrange orders, pack them, and ship them from our location.

Rollout Management

Introducing a new product means setting up new fulfillment and warehousing processes. Let us help!


This service gets shipping containers where they need to go. Drayage means moving shipping containers over short distances to get them to the next step in the logistics process.

Full Transparency

Our warehouse inventory management expertise and software allow us to offer incredible transparency. We always execute what we commit to.