Reverse Logistics

Male warehouse worker pulling a pallet truck

What is Reverse Logistics Definition

This is when freight or products get transported from the end user back to a supplier or manufacturer. This can make the supply chain more cost-effective and efficient by recycling or refurbishing gently used products. Some businesses use this process to make sure that toxic materials are properly disposed of. This concept may also include the process of accepting returns of a product that a customer no longer wants. 

Other names for reverse logistics include reverse flow and reverse supply chain. However, these terms usually refers to what happens when a component goes back only one step, without involving the final customer. So, that might mean a component for manufacturing going back to a supplier before the final product is complete.

Advantages of Reverse Logistics

This concept allows your business to get the most bang for your buck. You tighten up your processes by re-gathering materials and unwanted products that can be re-sold. You can then repair damaged products, use parts from older products in new ones, and redistribute resources as needed.

So, the objectives are to regain value from products that have already been sold. This helps to reduce your expenses and make your overall flow more efficient. Not only is it good for your bottom line, but it’s often good for the planet, as the impact of this process often leads to less waste.

As one of the top reverse logistics companies we offer:

  • Packing, pick-up, and return to distribution centers
  • Packing, pick-up, and transfer for resale of used or refurbished products
  • Notifications to recipients about incoming shipments
  • 24/7 support (before and after normal business hours)
  • Detailed inventory and item counts
  • Off-site disposal of commercial and retail items

The reverse logistics software that we use helps the process with transparent tracking and a customer portal that allows you to see everything that is happening in real time.

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