US Retailer


Transportation, Final Mile, Debris Removal


Our client had thirty 40’ unlabeled containers originating from China that needed to be devanned, and delivered across the continental US within a 2-hour arrival window to 321 retail locations. 


We had an extremely tight timeline with no room for error since the materials were coming into the LA/Long Beach port. We needed to move them to an offsite facility to be destuffed, palletized, and prepared to hit the road to meet the customer’s schedule for delivery. Container drayage with a last-minute auditing requirement made the timeline even more of a challenge. Each carton arrived double stacked on pallets with two fixtures or two glass cartons per pallet. The pallets, fixtures, and cartons did not have shipping labels. We did not have much time to create a solution and we had to hit the deadline in time to release the product for linehaul moves to markets.  


Fortunately, all cartons had markings on them to identify what was in each one. We were able to quickly work with the client to create and attach shipping labels.  We coordinated calls to all stores to set up appointments to deliver between 0800 to 1000 on specific days. We identified fifteen stores as in temporary space and placed them on the canceled list. We completed pre-calls (306 stores) and confirmed appointments to de-merchandize and clear tables. We rescinded initial communication to pick up and destroy displays and re-communicated with all stores. We produced a YouTube video and posted it for the drivers/dispatchers to review for sake of ease at delivery and to set expectations. We produced communication and distributed it to all dispatch locations. This communication including the date/time of delivery, process to set up fixtures, removal of all dunnage/debris with completion by 10:00 A.M. local time


The project was engineered around Long Beach as the origin for devanning. Shipments were line hauled via expedited TL moves to 7 Regional Distribution Centers and then fanned out to 77 Final Mile locations to support 4.16 stores per Final Mile location on average. Delivery windows of 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM were scheduled in advance, this required routing this as the first stops and routing the balance around these timelines. Critical tools tracked all updates, (6,700 data entries) and it operated flawlessly as the one point of control.