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Warehousing and Distribution


We needed to develop a plan with the client to move their existing warehouse operation to our local in-house warehouse, receive their inventory into our warehouse management system (WMS), receive orders from the client’s supplier, receive requests for the client to pick, package, and ship their product to their customers. 


The largest challenge we faced was understanding the product as the leather industry is very complex with many shades, colors, sizes, grains, and thickness, all closely resembling each other.  The client could not afford to make any shipping mistakes because it would cause manufacturing delays for their customers.  Another challenge we faced was that many items we received into our warehouse had no product identification.


Working very closely with the client on-site, we were able to work through the product. We created names, lots, and classifications for the product and loaded that info into our WMS. We receive notification that additional product is coming into the market, clear the customs, bring into our warehouse, separate, and prepare for a quick turnaround of shipping to the end-user.  We are continuing to separate and load additional items into our WMS to provide complete visibility for our client of the materials they have in stock. 


Newberger was able to close their local warehouse, reducing the overhead of owning the facility and the labor to run it. We have become a true extension of their team, and they continue to support their customer.  Michael Newberger has told us several times that he is extremely happy with the transition to AmerTrans and looks forward to continuing the relationship for years to come.