Global Logistics

Planet Earth with detailed relief is covered with a complex luminous network of air routes based on real data. Asian countries. 3D rendering. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

AmerTrans Logistics has the partnerships you need. Our relationships with customs brokers and freight forwarders around the world allow us to offer you door-to-door solutions that include air, ocean, and ground transport. We offer truck, train, ship, and plane logistical support around the globe.

Our solutions provide you with continuous updates. You will always know where your freight is.

Global Logistics Services:


What is global logistics?

It involves overseeing the movement of cargo and freight all over the world. It can be a complicated process, but with Amer-Trans at the helm, you can let us do the heavy lifting while your teams focus on what it is that you do best. 

International shipping plays a role in many businesses. Whether you manufacture items in one country and ship them to another, or move raw materials over international borders to make products, you need the right company on your side.

Our global logistics and supply chain management services go above and beyond. We offer tracking that lets you see your shipments in real time. We are trustworthy, transparent, and efficient.

Global Transport Logistics Services:


Receiving goods into your country requires the knowledge and partnerships that we have. We make it a seamless entry with our trustworthy services.


Transporting cargo to other countries involves expertise, planning, and collaboration. We have all of this and more. 

Container Shipping

Container shipping is also known as intermodal shipping. It involves hauling cargo in standardized containers by sea, rail, and truck. The containers are moved between shipping methods via machinery, saving time and money because goods don’t have to be unloaded and reloaded onto the new shipping method. Also learn Everything you need to know about Freight & Freight delivery in our short summary.

Most containers are made of steel and are either 20 or 40 feet in length.


Drayage involves moving shipping containers a short distance, sometimes to prepare for the next mode of shipping.

Customs Clearance

Each country has a different process for customs clearance. It is important for both imports and exports. We have the experience and knowledge to get paperwork, payments, taxes, and duties, and customs officers checks done so your shipment can clear customs.

Terminal Handling

Terminal handling may involve:

  • Weighing shipments
  • Inspecting shipments
  • Unloading containers
  • Transferring containers to another mode of shipment
  • Provision of documents

Basically, it includes anything that happens at terminal facilities in between two modes of shipping.

Trans Loading

During trans loading, sometimes spelled transloading, shipments from multiple shipping containers are consolidated into containers going to the same destination. It happens at the port or dock where the shipping container first arrives. Using transloading, your shipments have a further reach. You can save time and money by sharing space with other shipments going in the same direction.

Assistance With Duties and Taxes

We will work with customs to figure out the correct amount of duties and taxes your business needs to pay. 

Document Courier Services

The logistics process involves plentiful documentation. We provide courier services to get those documents where they need to go in a timely manner to keep shipments en route.