All About Supply Chain Management

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supply chain management definition encompasses many different things. It basically includes everything that takes your products from raw materials to a finished product. It involves warehousing not only of your finished product, but also the materials used to make the product, and all the partners you work with along the way. It also encompasses all aspects of transportation needed in your manufacturing process, including getting a final product directly to the customer or to a store. It also includes things that happen after your product has reached it’s “end” destination, like returns and recycling.

How Does It Work?

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There’s no one size fits all plan for logistics and supply chain management. It often works as a combination of customized solutions that are tailored to your business. That is why it is so great to work with an agile team like AmerTrans. We think quickly and come up with solutions using the solid partnerships we have fostered. We make data-driven decisions, meaning that plans are adjusted for even more success based on results.

Regardless of the specific plan we put in place for your business, there are five stages of supply chain operations management:

  • Coming up with a plan
  • Managing raw materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Delivering products
  • Taking in returns

We can assist with each stage.

Supply Chain Risk Management

One of the best reasons to have help with your logistics processes is to mitigate the risk and keep things efficient. If one thing goes wrong, your bottom line could be at risk. With a professional team at the helm, you can rest assured that even if there is an unexpected hiccup, it will be dealt with quickly so your supply chain can remain up and running to bring your business the most profits and the best results.

Why Is Proper Management Important?

Creating efficiency and oversight in your logistics plan not only can increase profits, but it can also reduce the risk of unusable products, product recalls, and even lawsuits. Improving efficiency can also improve customer satisfaction with shorter delivery times and better availability of your products. Whether you are a small domestic company or a large international one, proper management of your supply chain can improve your business.

Contact one of our logistics specialists to find out how we can help. Tell us your most challenging logistics issue, we’d love to find a solution!

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