Finding the Best Freight Forwarders Near Me

Two workers in hard hats stand facing stacked shipping containers in an outdoor shipyard.

What Freight Forwarders Do


Freight forwarding systems are logistics companies that help to get large shipments anywhere in the world. The right logistics company will provide freight forwarding to manage all the details of your shipment and coordinate with any specialized third party shipping services that you might need.

Freight forwarders handle all aspect of the shipping process, including booking space on a vessel or aircraft, arranging customs clearance, and providing documentation. The right logistics partner will help your business with faster shipping times, personalized customer service, and cost savings.

And, your global freight forwarder will streamline the process for you, so that all forms of transportation-air, sea, train, and truck-will be managed by one entity. So you have one contact person and more easily trackable shipments.

Freight Forwarder vs. Broker

Freight brokers simply connect people and businesses with shipments to businesses that provide carrying services. They don’t usually take responsibility for the shipment itself. It is a less comprehensive service than those provided by forward freight systems. These companies actually take possession of the shipment and take care of all requirements and paperwork, even when it is complex crossing multiple international borders.

The Benefits of Using a Freight Forwarder

When you partner with a freight forwarder, you’re simplifying your supply chain. Your freight forwarder specializes in coordinating freight, meaning that you’ll be giving your complicated shipping challenges to a company that knows how to plan everything… from ocean freight to rail freight and everything in between.

Your freight forwarding partner understands local regulations, transportation networks, and customs procedures. Such experience means they can provide more efficient shipping options—everything needed for import and export.

In addition, the right logistics company will communicate directly with the freight forwarder. They’ll handle all inquiries and concerns. And, they’ll build the customized solution to meet your specific business needs.

Expert companies are also industry insiders, giving you peace-of-mind. For example, they’ll be able to negotiate better rates with carriers. They’ll also be able to consolidate shipments and have access to other cost-effective shipping options that your business might not have.

The Drawbacks of Using a Freight Forwarder

If you hand over your freight to a logistics company, you’re giving up control of this vital part of your supply chain. And, paying a freight forwarder means paying additional fees. Plus, you could face potential shipping delays, especially when you’re just getting started. However, hiring the right company can certainly be worth it in the long run.

Types of Freight Forwarding Services Near Me

Most of these services encompass all forms of transportation under one roof. That is the main benefit of working with them. They have:

-Air freight

-Ocean freight

-Intermodal transportation (shipping containers that move easily between trains and trucks)


-Train freight

They also provide licensed support services for international and domestic shipping. Additional vital services include:




-Customs clearance

What to Look for in Top Freight Forwarders

When searching to hire someone for this type of endeavor, there are a few qualities to look for.

First, make sure that your freight forwarder will be assigned one point-of-contact to simplify and streamline communication. Next, ensure the size of the business is proper for your shipments. Make sure they have a great transportation management system (TMS) so that you can easily track everything online.

In addition, find out how they solve problems. Are they agile and able to adapt to quickly changing circumstances? Freight forwarding requires critical thinking and flexibility. Common carriers provide traditional solutions. But, for the best results, look for evidence of how your logistics company has solved real-life, unique challenges.

Ask about their supply chain services in the United States and abroad. You’ll need to ask different questions if you’re seeking to move domestic or international freight. For example, ask about international ocean freight forwarders if you’re planning a shipment abroad. And inquire about how they monitor customs regulations.

Note how well they’re able to answer your questions. The better customer service they provide, the better your experience is likely to be.

How to Find a Freight Forwarder Near You

Check online directories, and consider word-of-mouth referrals. Ask about freight forwarders at industry trade shows, or at your local chamber of commerce. Seek reviews online-on the company’s own website as well as on review sites, like Yelp and Better Business Bureau.

How Can We Help?

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