Does Your Business Need Custom Logistics?

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The Benefits of Custom Logistics

There is no custom logistics plan that is a “one size fits all” approach. Each business’s needs are different, and each business has different key performance indicators that are important to them. As a lean and agile logistics provider, we work with each of our clients to find the best solution. We then make sure to meet your goals using the best solution or partnership for the job, without incentives or pressure to go with one particular supplier.

Custom Logistics Management Options

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There are several different aspects of logistics that we can fulfill for you, and we can work on just one project, or we can come up with a comprehensive plan for your business. This may include:

  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Transportation
    • Rail
    • Sea
    • Air
    • Road
  • Import and export (custom global logistics)
  • Project management
  • Labor management

So why would you want to outsource these services to a company like AmerTrans? The simple answer is, it’s great for your bottom line. Because of our experience, partnerships, and flexible solutions, it’s easy to scale up or scale down. We even have a powerful customer portal that delivers real time data that allows you to see everything that is happening with our work together. This data also allows us to easily identify ways we can improve our work, to meet or even exceed your needs.

Examples of How We Can Help

  • Reverse logistics. This can help you to recycle unused material, take in returned items, or otherwise add value back into your supply chain.
  • Storage. Let us come up with a custom storage solution for your business whether it is local storage of holiday displays or a custom warehousing solution for equipment.
  • Expedited shipments. Sometimes you need faster service. Allow us to connect with our top partners for customer expedited logistics.
  • Freight tracking. When we work with you, we will make sure that everything is completely trackable.
  • Inventory tracking. We worked with one of our past clients, Newberger, to come up with names and classifications for products to make tracking everything easier.
  • Trucking. We can come up with customized road transportation solutions to get your orders, products, and materials where they need to go, when they need to be there.

These are just a few areas where we can work with you to improve or build upon your current logistics plans. Contact us with your logistics challenge. We love solving your problems!

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