What Is Integrated Logistics?

integrated logistics

How Integrated Logistics Can Help

At a point in recent history, logistics mostly referred to moving raw materials and finished products around the globe. However, now, integrated logistics management includes so much more than that. It connects with all departments involved in producing a product, and is geared towards improving both time and budget efficiency in all channels. This type of logistics also includes the flow of information as well as the flow of materials and products.

Global integrated logistics includes everything that happens in warehouses and during various types of global transportation. It can even include connection with the marketing department to come up with packaging that will work for the logistics processes. In addition, various promotions that might be part of a marketing campaign can affect inventory planning and other logistics plans. So, getting all of your departments on the same page is important.

It also includes working with suppliers. You pick the best suppliers who are in line with your businesss vision. Integrated logistics includes planning the purchases from these suppliers with information about how much will be needed in the future.

Planning production is also part of the process. Every detail down to how materials are organized in a warehouse for optimum efficiency is part of your comprehensive plan. Proper production planning can make your supply chain even more efficient.

How to Measure Integrated Logistics Services

There are many qualitative and quantitative ways to get powerful analytics about your logistics plan. With the best technology out there, we will work with you to make sure your custom reports include the key performance indicators that we know are important to your business. Some of the most useful information includes:

  • Information about costs
  • Information about delivery times
  • Customer feedback
  • Number of orders
  • Measurement of other resources used
  • Real time inventory availability

Our customer portal offers you this and more. With powerful analytics and reporting on your side, its easy to improve integrated supply chain logistics by quickly identifying areas of improvement and adjusting plans. Once we come up with your plan, our work isnt over. We are always collaborating with you to improve and continually meet your needs.

Are you ready to get started with a customized and fully integrated logistics support plan? Contact our specialists to find out how we can work together. We are here to support your business and come up with a plan that works for you.

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