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Trends In Logistics And Information Technology


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The impact of technology in logistics is undeniable. Here at AmerTrans Logistics we work hard to stay on the cutting edge of digital technologies in logistics so we can choose the most useful tools that you, our clients can benefit from. Here are some trends that we expect to see making a mark on the industry in the next few years.


AI is making its mark in many different industries from HR, to e-commerce, and yes, logistics and technology services. How will it be implemented? It may be used in the future to make routes more efficient and even to survey a room and take an accurate count of inventory in a fraction of the time it would take a human counting by hand. In the more far future, we may have self-driving vehicles or other AI assisted vehicles like drones to perform deliveries.

AI-based automation identification technology in logistics brings intelligence to automate administrative tasks and speeds up information-intensive operations.

In reality, it’s likely that augmented intelligence will become more relevant in the near future. This is when we combine AI with the human touch. Because technology is amazing but nothing can truly replicate human judgment in situations that require complex decision making or customer service.


We know that you are always on the go. That’s why we have created our amazing customer portal. This will allow you to access our powerful online system that combines a warehouse management system, transportation management system, and more all into one system.

You can glance at real time data whether you are at the office or taking your kids to a doctor’s appointment. We know you are busy and life is complicated, which is why we are already using this predicted trend for the industry.


Using large swaths of data we can easily make more educated recommendations for our clients and partners. We can also use this data to predict market trends and demand forecasting that could affect our services. This data also helps our clients forecast their needs in terms of materials and demand for finished products.


This refers to all the items that are now connected to the internet which allow us to better track everything and anything. With more internet connected devices, it’s easier than ever to get up to the minute information about your shipments and achiever greater transparency through technology in logistics and supply chain.


That’s also why our logistics technology platform was developed to easily integrate data, improve logistic processes and comprises multiple needs in one. AmerTrans Logistics is proud to have some of the best logistics technology and supply chain technology for our clients. Good logistics information systems and technology ultimately improve the overall supply chain management system which will then lead to  improved efficiency, increased speed of data processes, and lower overall costs for your business.

Contact us to find out more about how we are implementing the latest information technology in the logistics industry.

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