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The Benefits of Logistics Outsourcing: The Importance of Logistics Operations in Business between Logistics Service Providers

Do you have customers looking for services outside of your capabilities in your local market or for a service you do not currently support?  At AmerTrans we understand how essential it is for your logistic operations to flow seamlessly. And we are here to help you to outsource logistics as your dedicated logistics outsourcing partner

We provide both Third-party logistics (3PL) as well as fourth-party logistics 4PL services. And as your logistics outsourcing partner, no job is too small to handle and support your needs.

What is Outsourced Logistics?

Outsourcing logistics is when a business employs a third party provider to manage a variety of your supply chain activities. 3PL and 4PL provider services can range from shipping services, storage and warehousing, as well as specialty services in areas like final mile and reverse logistics.

When Do I Need to Outsource an LSP?

Horizontal business alliances are these days essential as a logistics service provider without having to feel the pressures of potential competition.  We see our horizontal supply chain alliances as a two-way benefit and an opportunity to access real resources where needed.

Single Contract for Specific Services from Time to Time

As we all know, customer needs are always changing, and occasionally requirements expand outside of previously supported services, systems, mileage or assets.

What is the advantage of Outsourcing Logistics?

Reduced Overhead Costs

The benefit of outsourcing your logistics operations to a partner allows you to transform your direct overhead costs of the logistic service into variable costs. Our logistics solutions prevent you from making unnecessary investments in warehouses, systems, resources and technology that reduce your overall costs of doing business.

Reduced Transportation Costs

AmerTrans has partners throughout US, Canada and Puerto Rico ready to step in to expand your offerings. Our North American Logistics Network Spans from Canada down to Puerto Rico. With our expansive network we can help streamline your transportation costs.

One example where we can help reduce costs of transportation is by offering standard LTL movement to ship or receive freight at your terminal

Better Communication

If you have had experience with AmerTrans you know we push for excellence in holding a tight communication line to customers and hold our partners to the highest of standards.

Regardless of the type of a referral or partnership, we commit ourselves to supporting your needs in maintaining better communication to build both customer and carrier relationships for improved satisfaction and successful outcomes.

Let Us Help You Streamline the Supply Chain Process 

Increased capacity and volume fluctuations during the busy season or throughout the year in general may be limiting your company’s ability to support larger opportunities during this time.  By adding AmerTrans to your network as a supporting vendor we can help minimize disruption and streamline the process.

We have a large carrier network with exclusive contracts to further assist with your shipments.  The areas we can help you streamline the process include warehousing solutions, white glove services, specialized vehicles, drayage, OTR and in market shuttles.

We are eager to grow our partnerships and increase business opportunities in addition to expanding services for current customers.

What are Some Examples of Outsourcing?

Transportation Outsourcing

Through strategic partnerships AmerTrans is here to support your transportation needs regardless of requiring an all-in solution or a specific portion of your shipment allowing you time to focus on enhanced customer results.

Freight Outsourcing

Customers rely on their carriers to not only support the movement of their freight but to provide continuous communication, information, and solutions for their needs.  As customers become comfortable with a relationship and confident in provided services, they may look for additional support in a market you may not currently work in.

Warehousing Outsourcing

There are many instance where you may need additional space for warehousing or cross-doc. Let’s face it, shipments get delayed, or customers may ask you to hold the shipment for a specific delivery date.

Leaving it on the dock at your facility may not be ideal for you or the customer as it could get misplaced, mis-loaded, or damaged.

Let us assist you with all your outsource logistics warehouse needs. Whether long term storage or short-term warehousing. We may also have a local warehouse that could assist until you are ready to deliver.

Final Mile Outsourcing

Our Expertise is in our Process. We have partners throughout the country that can meet you on site with a lift-gate, or a crew to assist with the offloading of materials.  Or, we could have you deliver the items to our warehouse, and we can complete the final delivery any time of the day or night.

Debris Removal Outsourcing

Do you need someone to meet on site to uncrate the customer items and take the debris with them? By outsourcing your debris removal service, we can assist in recovering on-site production time. You also benefit by debris removal outsourcing as it will minimize your clean-up and disposal costs.

Additional Logistics Outsourcing Examples

If you find yourself in one of the below situations, we are here to help:

  • If you have a request in a specific market that you do not cover
  • Experiencing delays due to vehicle issues or lack of labor
  • Equipment needs outside of your current truck pool
  • Crating or packing at origin or uncrating or unpacking at destination
  • Have a FTL deliver but need support for debris removal and disposal

We Are Here to Assist.

Here at AmerTrans Logistics we work together as your close partner to provide the best outsourcing for your logistics services. As the benefits are massive savings both in the resources, overhead costs, time and efficiency we are here to provide all the help we can for your successful outsourcing of your logistics services.  And we pride ourselves in our dedicated customer service to ensure you are receiving the best in our supply chain and logistics operations.

We are all in this together!



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