Project Rollout: What It Is, Why It’s Important, and How to Execute It

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The Most Important Part of Project Logistics?

Defining Roll Out

What is project rollout? It is the beginning of any logistical project whether it is a retail display refresh, the start of a new display marketing campaign, or the launch of a new product. The rollout period is critical to the success of the project. This is where logistics come in. The beginning usually needs to be coordinated carefully to ensure the project is unveiled at the right time with every detail perfectly arranged. That is why is it so important to make sure you are working with the right logistics partner for your project logistics plan.

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Project Logistics Meaning

Project logistics usually refers to logistics events that are a bit more complicated to pull off than your everyday deliveries. They are sometimes one-off projects or things that happen at a specific time each year. They are the types of things that require attention to details and careful coordination.

Our work on The Cotton Bowl is a great project logistics example. Our client, Goodyear, commissioned several one-of-a-kind pieces of art for the event. These were custom mascots that not only had to arrive at the event on time and in perfect condition but then had to be shipped out to the participating schools after the event. To ensure that each of the statues remained intact, we used specialized equipment, white-glove service, and meticulous project management to get the job done.

Project Logistics Architecture

Creating a structure for your project logistics plan is essential, and that is where we come in. We are the experts who know how to make your project happen. We can provide project management, along with analysis to ensure that the project is going as smoothly as possible, and is running as efficiently as possible. We are constantly evaluating our plans to find areas of improvement that can save you time and money during ongoing projects.

An important part of project architecture is the fact that we can act as one point of contact for many service providers. So you only have to contact us, instead of a transportation company, a warehouse, and a drayage company, among others. This makes managing your logistics even easier.

Logistics Project Report

Reporting is a huge aspect of project logistics. We have a cloud-based customer portal that allows you to see real-time updates and set up custom notifications so you can access everything when you need to. Since the portal is cloud-based you can access it from your smartphone or laptop whether you are watching the kids at home, by the pool on vacation, or on your way to a meeting across town.

Using our portal you can also set up custom reports that will show you the information that means success to you. Each project has different markers of success, so you can check on the things that matter to you.

What Is Your Project on Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

We are here to help. We are an agile, lean team that can manage all sorts of logistics and supply chain management projects. We love to solve your logistics problems. Give us a call to get a free quote. We will come up with a custom solution. If we can’t solve your problem, we can send you in the direction of someone who can. With a combination of competitive rates, amazing service, incredible communication and the best industry connections, we can help with any type of project, large or small. Whether your project is a complicated one-off conundrum or ongoing and straightforward, we can help!




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