Supply Chain Consulting Services: Reverse Logistics Planning

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Cost-Effective, Efficient Solutions

At AmerTrans, we know that a strong supply chain isn’t just about maintaining pick-up and delivery schedules. Yes, those things are essential to your bottom line. But, to keep your costs down and your systems running smoothly, you need more.

For the strongest, most efficient supply chain, you need expert guidance and expanded services. You need a logistics partner who will:

-Analyze your current plan for potential shortcomings

-Offer specific services to make improvements

-Troubleshoot unanticipated challenges

-Offer personalized support, even after business hours

Experienced Professionals Standing By

At AmerTrans, we’re proud to offer lean, agile solutions to your supply chain challenges. With over forty years of industry experience, we’re experts in logistics. Our team is ready to analyze your current strategy, identify areas of weakness, and offer improvements to help you become more efficient.

A Major Challenge: Reverse Logistics

In our experience, one area that presents a challenge for our customers is reverse logistics. Also called reverse flow or reverse supply chain, reverse logistics is the process of returning products from the end user to a supplier or manufacturer. This critical step allows companies to collect unused inventory and then package and redistribute it as needed.

Expert Teams and Equipment

Our professional teams will provide the right reverse logistics solutions so that you can maintain an efficient supply chain and save money. We will inventory, package, and palletize items for transport. We can even consolidate your inventory in regional or national centers for more efficiency.

In addition, we have the equipment needed to do the job right. We have the right materials to pack and palletize your inventory for secure transport. And, our vehicles are prepared to deliver your merchandise safely. Our trucks come equipped with air-ride suspension and lift gates to allow for a smooth ride and easy delivery. We can even provide temperature-controlled vehicles for items that require refrigeration.

Reverse Logistics Services

Returning and reusing product requires managing a lot of details. We can help you with:

-Returns and returns avoidance




-Delivery Failure

-Rentals and Leasing

-Repairs and maintenance

Help with Store Closures

When you close up shop, you’ll be left with unsold product, displays, shelving, and electronics. It’s important to have a plan for what has been left behind. To save money, it’s crucial to re-invest these items back into the business. We’ll help you come up the right strategy to redistribute resources effectively.

Proven Success

We’ve helped small businesses as well as major commercial retailers maximize their inventory for profitability during store closures. For example, we helped one well-known major commercial retailer recover reusable merchandise for resale in multiple nearby locations. Through our partnership, we coordinated pickup and delivery, labor availability, and packing and palletizing of merchandise for transport. We stuck to a strict timeline and provided 24/7 support.

This particular customer was so happy with our service that this initial appointment has turned into a relationship that has lasted for over four years.

Good for the Planet

Not only does the reverse logistics process save you money, but it’s also eco-friendly. More and more, people want to work with “green” companies. We can help you implement a reverse logistics plan that will maximize your inventory, leading to less waste.

Instead of throwing away unused materials, our team will help you re-distribute and re-sell unused product as needed. By carefully monitoring your resources, you’ll have less waste for the landfill.

E-Commerce Channel Management

One of the biggest challenges in reverse logistics is managing e-commerce inventory. With return policies that typically differ from those of a brick-and-mortar store, e-commerce can be a challenge. And, in the digital age, customers expect e-commerce deliveries to be fast and efficient.

We’ll help you discover the most efficient way to return your product to the store or distribution center. And, we’ll help you figure out what to do with stored inventory-whether that means repurposing product for a new sale or disposing of it properly.

Transparency through Technology

In today’s multi-channel distribution market, it’s essential to have up-to-the-minute information on your inventory. At AmerTrans, we have integrated all of our communications systems into one easy-to-use, accessible system for your convenience.

As one of our customers, you’ll be able to access your inventory from anywhere with an internet connection. Through our customer portal, you’ll be able to view your inventory while in transit and in storage. And, our system also integrates with many e-commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and shipping platforms from top companies. So, you’ll have all of the most current information that you need, right at your fingertips.

Customized Service

We’re proud to offer top-of-the line consulting services to help our customers conquer their supply chain challenges. Strategizing reverse logistics solutions is just one way that we help our customers maximize their inventory and save money.

In addition, we also offer final mile, expedited shipping, white glove, and debris removal services as well as logistics services especially curated for those in the hospitality industry.

Contact us today, and we’ll analyze your current plan, and uncover areas for improvement. Together, we’ll create a customized strategy that will help make your supply chain more efficient and will save you money.




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