Supply Chain Strain: Warehousing and Distribution Challenges

Large factory or warehouse with workers monitoring goods stacked on shelves from floor to ceiling.

One of Many Supply Chain Issues

From fuel increases and rising transport costs to continued “Covid congestion” at ports affecting the global supply chains, companies are still struggling to get their shipments delivered on time. Even more frustrating is having your shipment arrive only to scramble to find warehousing and distribution solutions to maintain your delivery schedule. Frustrating delays disrupt your schedule. And cost money.

Increased Shopper Demand for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Other issues putting pressure on warehousing and distribution have to do with the way that people increasingly want diverse ways to purchase and exchange goods. Online shopping, or e-commerce, continues to rise. And, the International Trade Association predicts continued increases in e-commerce in the years to come.

In addition, customers want convenience. For some, this means buying goods in a store. Others may want to order online but pick up in a store nearby. Returns are further complicated, with consumers wanting options to both return items online or in person.

Labor Shortages

As in other sectors, warehousing and distribution has been hammered by labor shortages. Many warehouses are understaffed, leading to delays in packing, sorting, and distribution.

What This Means for Logistics

Increases in e-commerce means more SKUs for companies and more warehouse space and distribution services needed. Online returns and demand for omnichannel fulfillment means more specialized services needed within distribution centers to organize and package items.

This increase in workload is complicated by the labor shortages. There’s more work to do, and simply not enough people to do it.

AmerTrans: Providing Solutions to Supply Chain Shortages

At AmerTrans, we offer the warehousing and distribution solutions that you need in these challenging times. Our customer service, logistics solutions, and use of warehouse management technology will help you keep your supply chain moving.

First, know that partnering with us means great customer service. From the start, you will be assigned one specific point of contact to streamline and personalize communication.

We also believe that a good service experience starts with a customizable plan. We’ll listen to your logistical challenges and provide you with a specific solution to meet your needs.

Conquering Your Warehousing and Distribution Challenges

Our warehousing and distribution solutions provide what you need to keep track of your shipments. We provide a full range of services to support your logistical needs. For example, we provide storage, cross-docking, and inventory management of all cargo. No matter if you need short-term, long-term, or flex space, we can provide it.

We can even arrange temperature-controlled storage solutions for your perishable items, including produce, pharmaceuticals, and plants.

Get Goods There Fast: Expedited Shipping

Our team offers many creative, custom solutions in supply chain management to combat omnichannel demands, including expedited shipping. If you need to deliver a shipment fast, whether domestically or internationally, we offer cost-effective options to get the job done. And, our top-of-the line tracking system will provide you with real time inventory updates to monitor your shipment in transit.

Effective Inventory Tracking: Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

At AmerTrans, we incorporate an effective Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to provide you with the most effective inventory tracking. Our digitally managed WMS will provide you with up-to-date reports on inventory to help you manage and process returns.

Our reports include such detailed information as specific item, pallet, and location details, no matter the size of the project. And, our WMS is based on cloud technology, meaning that you can access our WMS from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Simply log in to our customer portal, and you’ll have access to your full inventory with just a few clicks.

In addition, our WMS integrates seamlessly with other management systems and third party platforms. For example, our WMS integrates with our own Transportation Management System (TMS). And, many shipping carrier systems and enterprise resource management systems merge with our WMS. So not only will you be able to monitor your inventory while it’s being stored for distribution, but you’ll also be able to track your shipments in transit.

Finally, our WMS integrates with many third party e-commerce platforms, which allows for simplified returns and exchanges. With our Warehouse Management System, all of your data will be centralized into one location for increased organization and transparency.

AmerTrans Logistics: Outcome Oriented

At AmerTrans Logistics, we’re ready to help you navigate today’s risky supply-chain landscape.

We have over 200 locations nationwide to store, package, and distribute your shipments. And, many of our warehouses have easy access to additional modes of transport, like highways, ports, and airports.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we have the service and the support network, to help you overcome your warehousing and distribution challenges.

Contact us today with your logistics challenges. Together, we’ll create a plan that will keep your business moving, even in these challenging times.


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