The Importance Of Integrated Logistics Technology

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What Are Integrated Logistics Services With Technology?


integrated logistics support

When it comes to logistics the first thing that may come to your mind is trucks, planes, and boats. However, there is much more technology involved in this process these days. There are several types of platforms you will need to use because it makes your projects more transparent and easy to manage. Integrated logistics management is essential in today’s modern era.


This type of system helps your business to plan the flow of materials from buying raw materials to placing finished products in warehouses and shipping them to customers or retail locations. This section of a logistics platform helps you keep track of everything from start to finish.


Within integrated logistics support, this system gives you everything you need to know about your warehouses. It tells you how much product or materials are in them. It can also help you figure out how to lay out your warehouse for the most effective operations.


This digital interface allows you to see everything that has to do with the transportation section of your logistics plan. It can assist with choosing the best route, and placing shipments in the most efficient configurations possible.


When all three of these programs are integrated, it allows you to have powerful insight into your plans. Amertrans Logistics has implemented a cloud-based client platform. This is exciting because you can reach it from anywhere, whether your at the office, working from home, or checking on things while you are sitting by the pool. Our platform contains a warehouse management system, transportation management system, and a powerful customer portal. This allows you to access important client info, see where your shipments are in real time, and access accurate data about your warehouses.

We created this platform for your success, because your success is our success. We work hard to solve your problems and this logistics technology – which also integrates with many third party e-commerce platforms for more accurate reporting – helps us continue to evaluate our work together to look for areas of improvement constantly.

Curious to see how it all works? Contact us for a free consultation. If we can’t solve your problem, we will let you know who can and give you some advice. You can’t lose!

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