Top Issues Impacting Trucking 2022

A red, modern semi-truck trailer parked at a loading dock to receive a shipment

Industry Challenges

According to a study published by the American Transportation Research Institute, the top challenges for the trucking industry in 2022 are fuel prices and driver shortages. Other problems cited in this same study were delay at customer facilities, driver retention, safety, and compliance.

Many of these issues are nothing new. Economy-related challenges, like fuel prices and labor shortages, frequently top such lists. However, these issues. combined with the lasting effects of the pandemic, can stress an already fragile supply chain.

AmerTrans Can Help: Planning, Communication, and Execution

At AmerTrans, we’re experts in logistics and in supply chain management. Combatting the challenges facing the trucking industry can seem daunting. And, there are some things, like fuel prices and driver shortages, that are out of our control.

However, the services we provide, and the standards that we enforce for our carriers, help to ensure that you can remain as productive and efficient as possible, even in these difficult times.

Customized Solutions: Truckload Shipments

We offer a full range of shipment and transportation services, from full-truckload trailer rental to team hauling to straight truck transport. When you call us, we’ll help you determine which service best suits the needs for your particular shipment. Some of the most popular options include:

Full-Truckload Shipments (FTL)

We coordinate FTL shipments, which often provide the quickest shipment from origin to destination. It makes sense to reserve an entire truck for your business, even if your shipment won’t fill the whole 53’ trailer. Why? Simply because with an FTL, you won’t have to coordinate with other shippers.

And, you won’t have to deal with any stops along with way either. This means your shipment will reach its destination faster. In addition, FTL reduces potential damage, since your cargo will not endure transfer or sorting at various consolidation facilities.

Less-Than-Full Truckload Shipments (LTL)

We also arrange LTL shipment, which offers a less expensive option for your shipment. This type of shipment is perfect for smaller loads. Yes, you will have to share the trailer with shipments other than your own. However, the reduced cost may be worth it for you.

Straight Truck Transport

We can help with small shipments, too. We can schedule a 16,’ 24,’ or 26’ truck to move your goods: perfect for final mile deliveries. In addition, we can provide vehicles with a lift-gate if your receiving facility doesn’t have a loading dock.

Customized Solutions: Long and Short Haul Services

Dedicated Long Haul

Our team will also work with your company to determine the best route for your long haul services. Dedicated long haul services are needed when you have a regular, established delivery route. The term “long-haul” implies that the trucker will spend at least one night away from home. We can help you plan and execute the most efficient route for consistent, safe delivery.

Dedicated Short Haul

Or, you may need a shorter dedicated route (usually classified as one under 500 miles). These types of delivery routes are typically completed within one day, with no need for an overnight stay. In either case, we can help plan the safest, most cost-efficient delivery route possible.

Get There Quick: Team Hauling

Team Hauling

This type of shipment splits the job between two drivers, ensuring that your shipment doesn’t stop when one driver gets tired. We often suggest team hauling if you need expedited shipping. This is one of the most popular transportation solutions and helps ensure speedy, safe delivery of your shipment.

Integrated Technology for Better Communication

At AmerTrans, we also use the latest in technology to guarantee transparency in all of our communications. We merge the systems you need with our own, using our integrated digital systems.

Through our customer portal, you’ll be able to link our essential systems, like our Transportation Management System (TMS) and our Warehouse Management System (WMS), with your own.

We can even connect you with third party e-commerce sites. The result is a digital platform that provides instant access to all of the documents and inventory analytics you need in order to stay upt-do-date with your shipment.

Confirming Compliance for Safety and Efficiency

As you know, carriers are expected to stay current on regulations and laws. Mechanical issues, breakdowns, and fines can all lead to costly inventory shortage. And, these delays will lead to unhappy customers and lost profits.

At AmerTrans, we’re always up-to-date on the most recent safety guidelines. And, we’re well versed on federal regulations, and we vet all new suppliers for compliance and ethics.

Specifically, we ensure that our suppliers:

-Adhere to current safety guidelines and procedures

-Have proper insurance

-Maintain a safe work environment

-Follow federal and state laws and guidelines

-Meet their financial documentation requirements

AmerTrans: Helping You Overcome Trucking Challenges

Each year brings challenges to the industry-some old and some new. At AmerTrans, we’ve been in business for over thirty years. From day one, we have combatted the challenges in the industry by offering the services and the technology people need to maintain their shipping and delivery schedules.

Most importantly, we know how essential compliance is to ensure safety and efficiency. Together, our services, use of technology, and adherence to compliance will help you to deliver your inventory on time, every time. Interested in learning more about how we can help? Contact us for more information on how we can provide a customized solution to meet your logistics challenges.

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