What Are Final Mile Logistics

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Getting Your Products There


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The final part of a product’s journey is usually delivering it straight to a customer or a retail location. Some experts might argue that this is the most important part of the shipping process. However, it is also the part that is most expensive, and often subject to challenges, delays, and unexpected costs.

Delays can easily result from traffic jams. So drivers are subject to the conditions of the day. Delays can also happen if a signature is required to accept the package, or if a customer actually refuses the delivery. In our modern era, many businesses offer same-day or even two-hour delivery. This means that the final mile is the whole delivery process, not just a small portion of it.

Additionally, some customers become frustrated with the ever present “out for delivery” message, which doesn’t give many details about what time their package may arrive.


Luckily technology is allowing us to work on ways to improve this part of the journey. In the near future, GPS tracking of final mile drivers may allow end customers to see an approximation of the timing of their delivery. This would take things like traffic and other deliveries into consideration, allowing customers to have more transparency on the day of delivery.

Additionally, you can offer your customers ring & run or white glove service.

Ring and run is when a delivery driver simply leaves the package on the porch. This is common for small, every day items delivered to businesses and residences. White glove delivery may include scheduling a specific time for delivery, packing or unpacking the delivery, hauling away packing materials, assembling the item, hauling away used products, and even educating the purchaser about how to use the product. This may be more common with large items like furniture or electronics.


You can count on us to come up with a fully customized plan to suit your business’s needs for delivery during that final mile. Whether you simply need packages delivered or you need a more comprehensive plan that will solve challenges and create transparency for your customers, we can help.

To start working on your final mile challenges, contact us now for a free consultation. Our logistics experts are standing by and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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