Everything You Want to Know About White Glove Service

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Service With a Special Touch

In the logistics industry, white glove doesn’t always mean that you will see your service team wearing white-colored gloves. However, some items do require extra hand coverage to avoid damaging them. What it means is that your shipment will be handled with care by experts. White glove services go beyond the standard services in transportation management for delivery. There are many things that this type of service may encompass, and much of the time, it is part of a custom package to ensure safe delivery of expensive, time sensitive, or even one-of-a-kind items.

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Final Mile: What Does the White Glove Customer Want?

When it comes to the last mile of your delivery, this service can go far towards making your customers feeling appreciated. White glove customer service for the final mile may include scheduled home or office delivery with assembly of products. When it comes to commercial endeavors, it may include having team members bring the delivery inside of a store or warehouse and setting up displays or shelving. In most cases, large items like appliances always require the special touch that comes with this service.

Digital Customer Service

In today’s modern world, digital services are part of white glove logistics. Each person in the supply chain can receive automated notifications whenever the shipment is scanned. Businesses can easily view metrics and analytics to help inform future logistics decisions. With this, the special consideration of extra attention extends throughout the whole delivery process, and all parts of the logistics chain experience enhanced transparency and communication.

More than Just a Buzz Word

Some people think that white glove delivery service is just a buzz word that companies use to make their service more attractive. But, with AmerTrans, it’s a real service that can benefit your business, your partners, and your customers. It’s more than in-home delivery or extra tracking. It can go as far as enhanced communication with service agents, and simply extra attention to every detail that is part of your project. This is a trend that is growing in the logistics industry because it makes your customers and clients feel extremely valued. Going the extra mile is an added value to your products or services.

The Best White Glove Companies

Amertrans Logistics is one of the best options for special services. That’s because we work with each client to meet their needs with custom logistics packages. We work hard to solve your logistics problems so you don’t have to.

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