Potential Rail Strike Threatens U.S. Economy, Holiday Retail

A crowded freight rail yard with train cars getting prepared for transport

America Runs on Freight Rail

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, freight rail moves approximately 28% of the total freight in the US. The reason why is simple. The American railroad system is designed to transport heavy freight across long distances effectively. Common freight rail shipments include coal, corn, lumber, automobiles, and the ethanol used in gasoline.

A freight rail strike would bring these regular, essential shipments to a screeching halt. On Monday, November 21, 2022, four major freight rail unions rejected the latest contract offer on the table, deepening fears of a rail strike at the start of the holiday shopping season.

Consequences of a Rail Strike

Without a doubt, a long-term rail strike would hit hard at the wallets of every American. Some of the damaging effects a prolonged walkout would have on the economy would include reduced gas production, spoiled crops, and empty shelves at many retail stores.

A railroad strike could begin as early as December 4.

No Promises Yet

A strike is not guaranteed, however. As recently as November 17, 2022, the trade group representing the nation’s freight railroad expressed optimism that a strike can be avoided. No matter what happens, the threat of a freight rail strike is real, and it is scary.

One of Many Threats

Moreover, the fear of an impending strike is just the most recent supply chain challenge facing business owners at the close of 2022. This year, the supply chain has already been stressed by truck driver shortages, soaring diesel prices, warehousing and distribution challenges, and more.

Lean, Agile Solutions

At AmerTrans Logistics, we’ve weathered uncertain times like these before. We’ve been in business for over thirty years. In addition, our parent company has over 100 hours of related industry experience. Together, we’ve helped our clients through recessions, strikes, and most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic.

We know that we can’t prevent a strike any more than we can stop a labor shortage. Our years of experience in logistics have taught us that the best way to help our customers is by providing customized, quality service.

Customized Service

We start every relationship with a customized plan built to meet your needs. We’ll never offer you a cookie cutter solution or push you towards specific vendors. Instead, we’ll discuss the goals and challenges unique to your company. Then, together, we’ll craft a specific plan that will provide you with the support services you need to meet your objectives.

Transparent Communication

Failure to deliver your products on time impacts your reputation and your bottom line. That’s why at AmerTrans, we’re committed to giving you complete access to your entire inventory. With our cloud-based integrated communication systems, you’ll always know where your inventory is and when and how it will be moved.

Through our customer portal, you’ll be able to access both our warehouse management and transportation systems. That means that you’ll be able to track your shipments each step of the way-from warehousing to shipping and distribution. In addition, you’ll be able to see-with just a few quick clicks-how effective your current plan is. Together, we’ll troubleshoot any issues that may arise as well as plan more effectively for future projects.

A Great Track Record

The proof of our success is in our customer testimonials. Over the years, we’ve helped our customers navigate logistical challenges, including:

Coordinating unmarked deliveries to over 300 retail locations

-Delivering time-sensitive holiday displays to 1500 stores over two business days

-Picking up shipments from various locations and coordinating multiple, individualized deliveries

-Preventing manufacturing delays by sorting a high volume of product quickly and efficiently

-Combatting Covid-19-induced labor shortages over a holiday weekend during a warehouse relocation

Classic Solutions to New Challenges

Today, it seems like the supply-chain industry is taking one hit after another. News of a potential rail strike is distressing but not shocking.

At AmerTrans Logistics, we’re prepared to help you weather these challenging times. First, we’ll customize a plan to navigate your specific challenges. Then, we’ll provide the transparent communication you need to track your inventory in real time. Together, we’ll troubleshoot any potential issues that arise along the way.

In these uncertain times, choose the right partner to keep your business running smoothly. Trust our experience, technology, and reputation to provide the support that you need.

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