Types of Logistics Services Defined

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Logistics Options

Logistics is more than just transporting items from one location to another. There are many more processes involved. The following items are also an important part of logistics.

Warehousing Services

Products often need to be stored until they are ready to be sold or used in manufacturing, making warehousing an important part of logistics. Along with this, an excellent warehouse management system with a customer portal helps you to stay on top of everything with excellent visibility of inventory and real time location data.

Freight Shipping

This is one of the core shipping and logistics transportation services. It can involve shipping freight via air, sea, or land. It uses trains, trucks, planes, and boats to get cargo where it needs to go. With international logistics services, a shipping container that can go on multiple modes of transportation is often used. It is easily shifted from cargo ships to trucks or rail to make transportation on land and sea easier.

Expedited Logistics and Freight Services

Sometimes you need something to get there faster. Expedited services help your shipment arrive as soon as you need it. It may involve team hauling, in which two truck drivers take turns driving so the truck doesn’t have to stop for very long at all. There are also other methods to expedite shipments to get items where they need to be faster.

Levels of Service

Every business has a different need in terms of level of dedicated logistics service. Some businesses have their own fleet of trucks and handle all their own warehousing and transportation. However, this is the most expensive and least flexible option. So, companies use various levels of support depending their internal logistics assets. This can include trucking, warehousing, freight services, courier shipping, and more.

Now, logistics companies can focus on more than just getting things from point A to point B. They can also help with logistics management, helping your supply chain to stay efficient and cost effective. Some also focus on green initiatives, or reverse logistics.

The Future of Logistics Transportation Services

Some people predict that, in the future, artificial intelligence will influence logistics for businesses, to make for the most efficient supply chain. They predict that many processes will be automated, and that we will have more powerful data than ever. 

In the present and into the future, we are committed to providing forward thinking and transparent complete logistical service. 

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