2022 Holiday Message: We Are Grateful for You

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One Tough Year

As we reflect on 2022, one thought comes to mind: we made it! While it looks like Covid is in the rearview mirror, we’re still dealing with its effects in major ways. Disruptions to the supply chain continue to throw up roadblocks to businesses around the world.

As you know, we have faced many logistical challenges in the last twelve months. Top issues in 2022 included manufacturing delays, warehouse shortages, store closures, and rising transportation costs.

Grateful for Your Business

At AmerTrans, we know how stressful delays, shortages, and inflation can be, and we’re glad that we can be there to help in these tough times. As our CEO Matt Klein notes, “it’s been a tough year for everyone [dealing with supply chain and logistics] and we’re grateful for all of your business and commitment from our clients. We want to say thank you for your business.”

2023 Logistics Forecast

Heading into 2023, uncertainty remains in the global economic forecast. That same uncertainty exists in logistics as well. While fuel prices seem to have cooled, diesel prices remain higher than past levels, and we anticipate any respite may only be temporary. In addition, the American Trucking Association suggests that the  truck driver shortage that eased slightly in 2022 may not last.

It can seem overwhelming to think about how to operate successfully in such challenging times.

That’s where we come in.

AmerTrans Logistics: Expert Consultants

We’ve been in business since 1984. In that time, we have helped various clients solve their complex logistics challenges with proven solutions. We combat uncertainty with excellent customer service and a slate of customizable services to help you conquer whatever lies ahead.

Team-Oriented Approach

Simply speaking, your success is our success. We take pride in building and sustaining customer relationships, starting from our first meeting. We always begin by analyzing your needs and your unexpected disruptions. Together, we’ll create a customized solution with the best vendors to keep you on schedule and within budget.

Next, we’ll provide the support and troubleshooting that you to execute the plan. We’ll ensure that your suppliers are in alignment and focused on your goals. We know how much dependability matters in logistics. At AmerTrans, we always provide our customers with efficient, cost-effective services. For every project, we’ll assign you one point-of-contact, even after business hours, so that you always have complete support.

Essential Services

We’re ready to help you meet your global logistics goals. A few of our most popular services include:

Final Mile-The final leg of a shipment’s journey is also called the last mile. We’ll use our own delivery trucks-as well as our in-house tracking system-to ensure that your final shipment arrives on time.

Reverse Logistics- Also called reverse flow or reverse supply chain, reverse logistics simply means transporting a final shipment from the end user back to a supplier or manufacturer. This can help you save money and reduce expenses. We offer many reverse logistics services, including packaging and return to distribution centers, documented disposal or recycling of items, and transportation.

Dock-to-Dock Shipments – For a smooth dock-to-dock delivery, a lot of things have to go right. Consult with us to develop a smooth plan for your freight. We’ll analyze your dock management practices, considering loading and unloading of shipments as well  as turnaround time. All the while, our integrated digital systems will keep you up to date with your inventory.

Extra Support

White Glove- This extra service is for deliveries that require special handling. Some of our white glove services include time-sensitive delivery, unpacking and arranging of shipments, and removing old product.

Debris Removal- We can haul away anything you no longer need, including debris, excess raw materials, and packing materials.

Planning in 2023? Give Us a Call

We’ve weathered many storms with our customers, and we’re ready to conquer whatever is coming next. We tackle uncertainty head on: by providing personalized customer service and customizable support. To consult with an experienced logistics partner, give us a call. Our team will help you keep your business running smoothly in the new year.

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