What is Supply Chain Management? Everything You Want to Know

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Supply chain management is everything your business does to manage your supply chain most efficiently from start to finish.

What is Supply Chain Management and Why is it Important?

This is a complex set of processes that get your businesses supplies and products where they need to go when they need to be there. It encompasses everything from raw materials to finished products, and recycling unused materials and refurbishing returned products. The goal is to create the most efficient and cost-effective systems.

What Does It Involve?

It involves the combination of the flow of physical goods and information between all partners. A lot of supply chain management involves overseeing the relationships and creating good rapport with logistical partners including warehouses and transportation providers, to ensure the flow of products and information is working properly.

What Does a Supply Chain Manager Do?

These people act as the main point of contact and oversight for the processes in the supply chain. It can involve buying raw materials, scheduling deliveries, negotiating contracts, and implementing technologies. Another one of the main duties of this position is to manage all the intricate relationships that are necessary for the processes. There are relationships with transportation companies, distributors, procurement managers, buyers, and more.

What is Green Supply Chain Oversight?

This topic focuses on making the supply chain as earth-friendly as possible. It can include reverse logistics to recycle and reuse unused materials and previously used products. It can also include finding the most ethical and eco-friendly sources, using minimal packaging, and using the top technology to make sure transportation is fuel efficient and as clean as possible.

What is an ERP?

An enterprise resource planning system, or an ERP, can help in many areas of a business. It is a software that helps you to stay organized. It has uses in manufacturing, accounting, human resources, project management, customer retention management, and yes, supply chain management too. This software can be a powerful ally to give you a full transparent view of your supply chain along with other details about your business.

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